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Washroom Facilities and Services in neath port talbot

Your washrooms say a lot about your business, so make it a selling point and not an eyesore. We’re here to help you impress your customers with stylish and hygienic washroom facilities that are fully equipped to cater to modern needs in Neath Port Talbot, Swansea, Glamorgan. At Prestige Professional Cleaning Services Ltd our washroom hygiene services are tailored to your business and we provide the most professional service available. From hand dryers to vending machines, we can offer it all!

Sanitary Bins

Your sanitary disposal units don't have to be ugly. Our Eclipse™ feminine hygiene units have a stylish design and are available in a range of finishes. With a choice of discrete, modern black, or grey bases and chrome lids, they will instantly modernise your washroom.

Nappy bins

We know that not all nappy disposal needs are the same. Which is why we offer two sizes of nappy units - the Maxi and the Maxi X. They're both designed to a high specification to ensure easy 'hands-free' usability, durable quality, leak-resistant, and they leave a fresh, fragrant smell always.

soap dispensers

Personalise your washroom with our choice of 6 stylish metallic finishes for your washroom products. Create a modern theme that suits your business with the same coloured finishes across all your washroom products, available only from Prestige Professional Cleaning Services Ltd.

Automatic Soap Dispensers

Our exclusive, automatic soap and sanitiser dispensers feature an electronic pump that delivers the same amount of soap consistently to save on waste usage. Thanks to the infra-red sensor, the soap dispenser detects when the user places their hand under the unit and automatically dispenses soap without any need to touch the pump, which cuts down on the spread of germs. Powered by long-life batteries that are replaced as part of our service, the automatic dispenser is highly economical and environmentally friendly as it uses no mains power to operate.

air fresheners 

Our automatic air fresheners are available in two colours; white or polished chrome. Their sleek and modern shape is designed to look good long-term and has anti-vandal protection with hidden batteries. With a selection of 6 delicate fragrances, you can choose one to suit your personal preference. We can also change your fragrance on the next service if you'd like to try a different scent.

Our fragrances include:

  • Punchy Orange

  • Floral Breeze

  • Fresh Vanilla

  • Baby Fresh

  • Dewberry

  • Glacier

vending machines

Choosing a vending machine for your business is simple with our modern and efficient collection available. You can rest assured that all vending machine supplies are high-quality and genuine with our trusted brands' policy. We understand that maintaining your vending machine can be a difficult chore; especially when restocking products. Allow us to take care of that for you, so you can focus on what's important to your business.

Our vending machine options include:

  • Ultra-Vend: Two Columns Ideal for Both Male and Female Washrooms with a Range of Sanitary and Condom Provision
  • Multi-Vend: A Functional Replica Retail Outlet that Offers Up to 5 Well-Known Products (Sanitary, Health, Contraceptive etc)
  • Slim Line Vend: Ideal for Smaller Spaces with a Slim Line Profile and Two Columns

Brands we stock for our vending machines include:

  • Always

  • Tampax

  • Pampers

  • Mates

  • Anadin

  • And, More

hand dryers

Our hand dryers are designed to impress with modern designs and a choice of coloured finishes. Personalise your washroom with a sleek and stylish metallic finish for your washroom products.

dyson dryers

We supply and install the most powerful and economical Dyson hand dryers, including the Air Blade V. With professional servicing, unbeatable prices, and free installation.

looking for modern appliances?

Our washroom facilities cover everything from hand dryers to vending machines.