Facilities Management Services


Commercial Floor Mats

Floor mats in workplaces often receive heavy usage, even hard wearing industrial floor mats will require servicing and renewing from time to time to keep them looking smart and maintain their cleaning effectiveness. All of the mats that we provide are professionally installed as part of our service and are cleaned and serviced by our experts on a regular schedule tailored to your business’ needs.

We have a wide range of sizes, colours and shapes of commercial floor mat to choose from, as well as a range of specialised anti-fatigue, drainage and heavy duty designs, allowing you to find exactly the right one to suit your workplace. For a more personalised touch, we can even provide you with a printed logo mat customised with your company branding, slogan or a photographic image, giving your business a highly professional and welcoming entrance area.


Fire Alarm Testing Service

Over time, your fire alarms can deteriorate by collecting dirt, losing battery life or through general faults. With our Fire Alarm Testing service, our specialists ensure that your fire alarm system complies with Health and Safety Regulations and to the standards of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

No business ever wants their premises to become a victim to fire, but it is best to be prepared with a well maintained fire alarm system in case of emergencies. With our expert Fire Alarm Maintenance service, our fully trained engineers will test your entire system, including the mains panel, batteries, heat detectors, smoke detectors, break glass units and sirens, with minimal disruption to your working day.

British standards recommend your Fire Alarm Testing happens at least twice a year, which is why we offer our service bi-yearly (twice yearly), to ensure your system is always in full working order. As well as testing all of your alarms, our specialists will provide you with all the standard documentation to prove that your business is legally compliant and safe.


Water Coolers & Boilers

Can’t start the day without a cup of tea? Need to keep your staff watered? Or maybe you want to look after your customers with refreshments? Here at Direct365, we can provide you with the highest quality drinking water coolers and water boilers at a highly affordable price. The quality, reliability and functionality of our water coolers make them outstanding value for money.

We have a huge range of mains-fed water coolers perfect for all types of businesses, from the local hairdressers to the national warehouse. Why pay for water when you can filter your own supply of tap water? With our water coolers you also get a choice of hot or chilled still water.

Let us take the hassle out of maintaining your water supply with our water cooler service, which includes everything from the dispenser, delivery, installation and even twice yearly servicing, all at no extra cost.


Fire Extinguisher Servicing

We all know how important it is for businesses to have a good supply of fire extinguishers in case of emergency, but it is just important to keep those fire extinguishers maintained so that they can be relied on when they are needed most. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires UK businesses to have independent Fire Extinguisher Testing completed every year as well as carrying out fire risk assessment and removing potential fire hazards.

At Prestige we can provide regular Fire Extinguisher Servicing that will fulfil both your legal and insurance requirements for your business; whilst giving you peace of mind.  We know it’s important that your business runs smoothly, which is why we work around you to find the best time to conduct an assessment.

With our Fire Extinguisher Service, you can rely on our professional engineers to arrive at your premises at a pre-arranged time with all the tools and equipment they need to immediately begin testing your extinguishers. Our specialists are also fully qualified to conduct a free Risk Assessment of your workplace including your lights, extinguishers and alarms, and can also perform minor repairs to help you pass all legal requirements.


Legionella Testing & Assessment

Legionella bacteria is carried through water, and if present in your workplace it can lead to the fatal Legionnaires’ disease. Legionella can be found in hot and cold water systems, evaporative condensers and water storage units where it will thrive and become highly dangerous if it is not found and treated.

We understand the safety of your staff and customers is paramount, which is why our service includes a comprehensive Legionella Risk Assessment with water testing, sanitising and monitoring. Our holistic approach also includes a full cleaning and disinfection service for your water systems that is fast, efficient and discrete, and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for your business.

At Prestige we can help to protect your business from Legionnaires’ disease with our expert Legionella testing service, giving you peace of mind and keeping your staff and visitors safe.

Our professional Legionella testing specialists are LCA certified and will assess your entire building and compile a full schematic drawing of your water system, ensuring that everything is accounted for and properly tested. More information about this is available on the HSE website.

Call today for a quick quote and find out more about our Legionella testing services…


PAT Testing

Our PAT Testing service (Portable Appliance Testing) is designed to test for any electrical faults or potentially dangerous electrical items in your workplace & complete minor repairs, all with one quick visit.

We guarantee your full compliance with The Electricity at Work Regulations and The Health & Safety at Work Act. Our PAT testing engineers will complete free repairs for common problems including fuses, plug tops and IEC leads, saving you the cost of failing and having to schedule another PAT Test.

You can rely on our fully qualified and experienced PAT testers to provide a thorough examination of all portable electrical appliances on your premises, keeping you safe and fully compliant.

Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Having reliable Emergency Lighting can give you, your staff and your visitors peace of mind should you ever find yourself relying on them in the event of an incident. It’s important to tick the correct legal boxes, but also to put safety and security first for your business with the correct certification.

We provide Emergency Lighting Maintenance on a schedule to suit your business, including monthly and yearly testing. We will assess the locations of your lighting to ensure they’re in the best possible position in the event of an incident, as well as checking it is in full working order. We also test all the essential components such as switches, batteries, luminaries and control equipment.

Our rapid response, scheduled testing and minimum disruption (at a time that suits you best) is sure to leave you safe and compliant, with as little hassle as possible. We’ll also provide you with your Emergency Lighting Certificate as proof of your maintenance tests. All our engineers are also fully trained fixed wire engineers too, and can offer a remedial quote for any wire fixes whilst they’re at your premises; should you need it.

Washroom Services

Your washrooms say a lot about your business, so make them a selling point, not an eye-sore. We’re here to help you impress your customers with stylish and hygienic washroom facilities that are fully equipped to cater for modern needs. Our washroom hygiene services are tailored to your business and offer the most professional service available.

Urinal Sleeves

Using the award winning Eco-Shield Urinal Sleeve in your washroom will help to save up to 96% water, reduce blockages, produce a pleasant fragrance and is a no-hassle service.

The bio-degradable bio-block is gentle on the environment as there are no harsh chemicals used. Find out more about how we can help reduce your water usage and call our friendly Customer Services team today.

Air Fresheners

To help you continue your washroom colour theme and style, we offer our automatic air fresheners in two colours; White or Polished Chrome. Their sleek and modern shape is designed to look good long-term, and has anti-vandal protection with hidden batteries.

With a selection of 6 delicate air freshener fragrances, you can choose one to suit your personal preference. We have: Punchy Orange, Floral Breeze, Fresh Vanilla, Baby Fresh which all incorporate the Odouraze odour neutraliser, and also Dewberry and Glacier scents.

We can also change your fragrance on the next service if you’d like to try a different scent, and keep your washroom smelling clean and fresh.

Dyson Dryers

We supply and install the most powerful and economical Dyson hand dryers including the Air Blade V.

With professional servicing, unbeatable prices and free installation, Prestige is the best place to get Dyson hand dryers for your washroom.

Sanitary Bins

Your sanitary disposal units don’t have to be ugly.

Our Eclipse™ feminine hygiene units have a stylish design and are available in a range of finishes. With a choice of discrete and modern black or grey bases and even chrome lids, they will instantly modernise your washroom.

Automatic Soap Dispensers

Our exclusive automatic soap & sanitiser dispensers feature an electronically controlled pump to deliver the same dose of cleaning soap every time, providing reliable and consistent washing that saves on waste usage. Thanks to a clever infra-red sensor, the soap dispenser detects when the user places their hand under the unit and automatically dispenses soap without any need to touch the unit, which cuts down on the spread of germs.

Powered by extra long-life batteries that are replaced as a part of our service, the automatic dispenser is highly economical and environmentally friendly as it uses no mains power at all to operate.

Branded Refills

With our trusted brands policy, you have peace of mind that all your vending machine supplies are high quality, trusted and genuine. We offer Always, Tampax, Pampers, Mates, Anadin and more.

We understand that maintaining your own vending machine can be a difficult chore; especially stocking all the replacement products. With Prestige, we’ll take care of that for you, so you can focus on what’s important to your business.

Hand Dryers

Our hand dryers are designed to impress with modern designs and a choice of coloured finishes. Personalise your washroom with a sleek and stylish metallic finish for your washroom products, available in a range of colours.

Nappy Bins

We know that not all nappy disposal needs are the same. Which is why we offer two sizes of nappy units – the Maxi and the Maxi X. They’re both designed to a high specification to ensure easy ‘hands-free’ usability, strong and durable, no leaks and a fresh, fragrant smell at all times.

Soap Dispensers

Personalise your washroom with our choice of 6 stylish metallic finishes for your washroom products. Create a modern theme that suits your business with the same coloured finishes across all of your washroom products, only from Prestige

Vending Machines

Choosing a vending machine for your business is easy with such a stylish and practical collection filled with branded products. We offer these in both white and chrome finishes to match your other items.

  • ‘Ultra Vend’ is ideal for both men’s’ and ladies’ toilets with a range of   sanitary and condom provisions.
  • ‘Multi Vend’ is a functional replica retail outlet that offers up to 5 well-known products. Such as sanitary, health and contraceptives ‘Slim line Vend’ for smaller spaces with slim line profile.

Waste Recycling & Collection

You can rely on our expert waste recycling services to manage all of your recyclable waste, from glass and tins to card, plastics and paper. Our reliable service includes a wide range of bins of all sizes and flexible collection services to suit your needs.

DMR Recycling

Separating your dry mixed recycling (DMR) into numerous containers for cardboard, plastic, cans and paper can soon turn into a stressful and time consuming problem. We have the perfect solution to this problem; with our dry mixed recycling service, you can put all of your mixed recycling waste into just one bin and leave all of the sorting to us.

Due to today’s environmental concerns, rising landfill charges and the various waste regulations that are currently enforced in the UK, mixed recycling is an essential part of maintaining any responsible business. No matter how large or small your workplace is, we’ll tailor our service to your needs and arrange a collection schedule that is convenient for your business. With our professional DMR service, you will no longer need to worry about segregating your dry mixed recycling, saving your business countless working hours.

Lime Bins

These bins are made from completely recycled materials and are suitable for recycling your general, confidential and mixed waste. Perfect for the office.


Colour coded bins to contain confidential waste, plastic bottles, cans, glass, plastic cups and general waste.

Ecosort Bins

A practical and space saving solution. Available in 60 or 87 litre capacity.

Hazardous Waste Recycling

You can rely on our experts to handle all of your hazardous waste recycling needs. We provide the most flexible and reliable service for any size of business, with nationwide coverage and legally compliant hazardous waste recycling.

We can collect and recycle all sorts of hazardous waste materials, including: aerosols, batteries, fluorescent lighting tubes, inks, waste oils and gas canisters, and much more. After each collection we’ll provide you with a waste collection note for your duty of care and to keep you fully compliant with the law.

With no hidden costs or extras and lots of collection options to suit your needs, our service is the best choice for hazardous waste recycling.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Pharmaceutical waste disposal refers to the general disposal of medicine waste and can be classified as either hazardous or non-hazardous waste (depending on the type of drugs placed within the container). Every business dealing with the disposal of medicine waste, such as vets, doctors surgeries, care homes, pharmacies and also opticians for discarding eye drops – will need a pharmaceutical waste bin.

Did you know: Tablets, solid dose medicines, drug destruction kits, or cytotoxic waste and cytostatic waste all require a pharmaceutical waste bin.

At Prestige, we tailor our service around your business needs, starting with a variety of bin sizes ranging from 5, 7, 11.5 and 22 litre options. Our pharmaceutical waste disposal service also includes flexible collections from weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, giving you the freedom to pay only for the service that you need, when you need it. This allows us to offer you the most competitive prices on the market.

Confidential Waste

You can rely on our confidential waste disposal services to keep you compliant with the law and help prevent your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. With our professional shredding services you can rest assured that all of your confidential data is safely and thoroughly disposed of in accordance with the Data Protection Act and BS EN 15713 Standards.

Your business requirements are our priority as we tailor our shredding service to your needs and give you the choice of regular or ad-hoc visits, and on-site or off-site shredding. We’ll provide you with the best confidential waste bins for your business, with nationwide coverage and competitive pricing across all of our services.

Our offsite shredding service is ISO9001 approved (incorporating BS EN 15713:2009 – the security shredding standard) so you can be sure your data is in the best possible hands.

Available on a regular or ad hoc service, our off site shredding includes:

  • Being fully compliant to BS EN15713:2009
  • Uniformed staff, fully vetted staff to BS7858 standards
  • Satellite tracked vehicles
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Certificate of Recycling
  • Comprehensive management information

We’re experts when it comes to confidential waste and have the latest technology at our disposal. Rest assured your confidential waste is treated like a VIP from the minute it leaves your business, to the final off site shredding process.

Our waste paper bins and containers blend seamlessly into your office furniture with a range of styles to suit your current theme. Plus, our regular, flexible pick up and ad hoc collections make us the ideal service choice that’s trusted to destroy your confidential data.

We keep close tabs on all our off site waste vehicles for added security, and in an emergency we’ll always know where they are.

Offensive Waste Disposal

Most businesses will generate some form of offensive waste or non-infectious waste every day, which could include incontinence waste, nappy waste or sanitary waste, as well as protective garments such as masks and gloves. There are several laws and regulations in the UK concerning the disposal of offensive/hygiene waste and they could lead to substantial fines if offensive waste is not managed responsibly and professionally.

Call today for a free, no obligation quote and more information about our offensive waste disposal.

Commercial Waste Collection & Disposal

When it comes to commercial waste disposal you need a service provider that you can rely on. At Prestige we have years of experience in offering the best commercial waste collection service for all sizes of business in the UK.

We’ll tailor our flexible service to your specific requirements as a business, with hassle-free collections, simple fixed-price 12 month contracts and easy online account management. Our service is ideal for disposing of all kinds of waste, from general waste to food, glass and recycling, we have a range of commercial waste bins to handle all of your needs.

You can rest assured with our commercial waste disposal service that your business is fully covered, as we’ll provide a full waste consignment note with every collection, keeping you legally compliant and proving that your waste has been properly handled.

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Certificate of Destruction

We’ll provide you with the correct paperwork so you can prove that your confidential waste has been shredded safely and securely – no worries.

Bins and Containers

Choose a stylish bins for your paper waste, from desk containers to 1100 Litre wheelie bins; we have a selection of bins.

“We have a great range of confidential waste bins, from large and practical wheelie bins to discrete cabinets.”

Secure Cabinet

This contemporary cabinet is designed to fit perfectly into the office environment. It has a lock and slot mechanism as well as a floor to prevent any unwanted access from the outside.

Security Sacks & Ties

Completely recyclable sacks are available and made using heavy duty paper bags. Perfect for quick disposal.

Secure Wheelie Bins

Portable and designed to be as convenient as possible for safety disposing of confidential waste. Optional lock and slot.

Tattoo Waste Disposal

We specialise in safe and efficient tattoo waste disposal, making things easy for tattooists to stay safe & compliant with legislation and regulations.

Tattoo needles and sharps can be a dangerous hazard if they are not handled by trained waste professionals and they also carry with them strict legislation guidelines for disposing of them correctly. Don’t put the health and safety of your staff and customers at risk!

Whether you are a mobile tattooist or have a thriving tattoo parlour, our professional tattoo waste collection service will take care of all of your tattoo waste removal needs by providing all the correct bins and a reliable collection service for your waste.

Sharps Bins & Disposal

Safe and secure sharps disposal is vital to eliminate the risks that come with handling and managing sharps waste. Whether you’re a tattooist, chiropodist, beauty therapist or nurse; your business must comply with current Hazardous Waste Regulations. We can supply you with all of the safe containers that you need and a service plan to help your business stay compliant and avoid hefty fines.

At Prestige, we will safely and professionally collect and incinerate your sharps bin waste according to all the correct and current legislation. We can also register you with The Environment Agency so you have your unique registration number to provide with your consignment note upon every collection.

Incorrectly controlled sharps bin waste can pose a serious health risk to anyone who handles them, be it through cuts, infection or blood borne viruses which are often left on needles, scalpels, syringes or other sharps waste.